Highly Recommended Clinic
Salesh Gounder, Aldergrove
2 month(s) Ago
I have been seeing Dr. John So..for all my dentistry services for more than 5yrs now..and have no issue so far since. His does really good care of his clients and deals very professionally with keeping health and hygiene as a paramount. The receptionist( Diana) has excellent customer services and found quiet knowledgeable.

Amazing clinic
Nathalie Mantta, BC
4 month(s) Ago
I’ve always struggled with anxiety coming to the dentist. Dr. So has always made me feel very comfortable, he checks in and takes his time with me. The receptionist (Diana) is always willing to go over and above for you and does a fantastic job dealing with insurance. My children feel very comfortable with the Dr. As well. I can’t say enough great things about Station Rd Dental.

5 Stars
Fred , Aldergrove
6 month(s) Ago

I can think of 101 places other than a dentist chair that I would rather be. Needle phobia. What a relief. First visit - 2 molar extraction and no complications afterward. I highly recommend his services and I didn't have to pay his kid's college tuition! Great job.

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