Thank you
Jennifer, Aldergrove
11 month(s) Ago

I am very grateful to Dr. So for seeing my daughter after hours. She had a broken braces wire and was in a lot of pain because of it. He promptly came to the office to see us.

I'm very happy with his work
Dave, Van
11 month(s) Ago
It was my first visit to see Dr. So over 4 years ago (2013). I came in for a check up & he found a crack in one of my old fillings. We decided on one of the newer types of fillings, so I went with a composite filling to replace the old silver one. I experienced some sensitivity for nearly a month which had me worried. But it went away and it's been holding up extremely well after 4 years. So I'm very happy with his work and his service & staff were all pleasant & professional.

5 Stars
Lee, Aldergrove
11 month(s) Ago

I've been going to John for 2 yrs now he has been great everytime. I have been to a lot of different dentists over the years and it's always been a no stress experience. Nice friendly staff too.

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